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We offer two types of course to provide you with the perfect introduction to archery; beginners courses for individuals who would like to try the sport and perhaps take it further, and have-a-go's for large group bookings. Please use the above links for more information on these. Please be aware that Wolverhampton Company of Archers is a private members club and is unable to provide either private tuition or accommodate sessions for beginners at any time other than during these events.

Just Starting?

We always emphasise to our new members that they should NOT purchase any archery equipment until they have achieved sufficient experience to be able to make a proper decision about what is right for them. Archery shops stock an almost bewildering range of equipment, and to buy anything without this knowledge will almost certainly result in an expensive mistake.

There is more to be considered than simply liking the look of a bow. Each have been made according to the physical attributes of the archer, in terms of the length of their arm and the weight that they can comfortably draw, and the accompanying arrows will be spined to match this setup and no other.

When draw weight is mentioned, some beginners often feel that physical weakness is being implied and they are quick to assure us that they regularly attend the gym and are in good shape. We do not doubt them, but the muscles required for archery are generally not called upon to exert themselves in any other walk of life, and so a bow which may appear to be on the very limit of their abilities on the first day of a beginners course will, after only a few months of light exercise, prove to be utterly inadequate for their needs. At the other end of the scale, a common mistake is to buy a bow that is much too powerful. A few test shots can be managed in an archery shop without much difficulty, but it will be an altogether different experience shooting a 12 dozen arrow competition; the archer will inevitably tire, and this will have a detrimental impact on their accuracy, scores, and ultimately their enjoyment of the sport.

Fortunately our club possesses a range of basic equipment which will be all that you will need to get started, and in the best interests of their wallets we encourage all beginners to make full use of it. After just a few months of regular shooting and speaking with our more experienced members, you will be ready to go to a shop and purchase equipment which is correct for your needs and perfectly matched to your abilities.

Is it expensive?

Not necessarily, archery can be an extremely flexible sport in terms of cost. It is possible to spend as much as £3,000 on a top setup or as little as £150; and both will give you many years of quality enjoyment. Depending upon your requirements, the initial cost can be expensive, but once your equipment has been purchased you need only incur infrequent and very minor costs thereafter, such as new strings, re-fletching arrows, etc. Even when following the most expensive route, it is a very cost-effective hobby in the medium to long term.

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