Archery Organisations

GNAS The Grand National Archery Society—Britain's main governing body for archery
GNAS National Field Committee
NFAS The National Field Archery Society
The British Longbow Society
Junior Archery Web Page (AAS & GNAS)
UK Sport
British Blind Sport
British Paralympic Association
International Paralympic Committee
FITA Federation Internationale de Tir a l'Arc - the world governing body for Indoor and Outdoor Target and Field Archery
The International Olympic Committee (IOC)
The British Olympic Association (BOA)
The European and Mediterranean Archery Union (EMAU)
Wenlock Olympian Society
The US National Archery Association
West Midlands Archery Society
Staffordshire Archery Association for county rankings, results of inter-county matches and other archery news in our county

Archery Clubs and Societies

Per Ardua Archery Society
Chase Archers
Leek Archery Club


The Royal Armouries
Mary Rose Trust - Portsmouth
The Manchester Museum - Archery Collection


Stylist Bows The only supplier we know of that will let you hire and try before you commit, so you only ever end up with equipment that is perfect for you!
Carter Enterprises Best known for their release aids that are amongst the best in the world.
Custom bow grips from Bob Lambeth. He provides a very helpfull and freindly service in making custom side plate grips for all popular makes of compund bow.
Archers Advantage
Target Plot
For all things Longbow and traditional with a friendly service have a look at JFT Traditional Archery Products
or alternatively email Fred at
Werner Beiter
Win & Win
Samick Sports
Richard Head Longbows


Perris Archery
Alternative Sporting Services
Merlin Archery Centre
eBay Archery equipment


The Glade Magazine
Archery Focus Magazine

UseNet Newsgroups

alt.archery.traditional is a newsgroup devoted to traditional archery
alt.archery was the first archery newsgroup in the "original seven" hierarchy this newsgroup was established in 1995 to replace the alt.archery group which until then had been the newsgroup place for archers

Other Websites

A very friendly climbing wall local to us Wolf Mountain also provides archery courses/sessions mainly geared to small groups of junior shooters, as well as providing excellent climbing facilities. A great way of improving your strength and having fun at the same time.
Archers Rest a site about general aspects of archery, the complemetary site to support its excellent forum
Archers Reference perhaps the best on-line guides for recurve archers.
The Mechanics of Archery a site that discusses the physics of archery in almost every aspect
Virtual Archery League you may be interested in a competition for individuals shooting a Portsmouth round over the winter—details in the website
Longbow Archers
The site that supports the book Total Archery written by Kisik Lee and Robert de Bondt a powerful and detailed sports search engine

Sightmark Excel Spreadsheet

Here are two Excel spreadsheets developed by Simon Hughes, one of our compound archers. Click here for preview. They are designed to help fine tune sight marks.

Sight marks that go up: archery1.xls (21Kb)
Sight marks that go down: archery2.xls (21Kb)

Instructions for use:

Enter your sight marks in the yellow boxes provided in the top left hand corner. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the curve fit and the equation. Enter the equation numbers into the yellow boxes above the chart. Your sight marks will now be shown to the left of the chart. Print it out and keep it for when you shoot.

Hint: get all your sight marks on ONE day. Different days make your arrows shoot higher or lower depending on the weather, etc.

Image of a web-shaped target face
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